3 ways retrofitting GSM technology can breathe new life into access control

9 February 2022, 11:22 AM

By Claire Deveau

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At Intratone, we’re big fans of finding new ways for housing managers to improve their residences’ security, efficiency and user-friendliness through technology-driven access solutions. And with growing pressure on budgets, all the better if it doesn’t break the bank. Take wireless GSM technology, for example, which is quickly becoming a property management essential. It’s not just for new builds either – retrospectively incorporating the latest technology into older residences can be hugely beneficial to housing professionals.

Introducing new wireless access control technology into existing buildings is a great way to improve the tenant experience too, while also streamlining operations and cutting down any inefficiencies. Let’s delve deeper into the three ways that GSM technology can add value to older buildings:

1. No wires, less hassle

One of the main benefits of GSM technology? No more plastic handsets or traditional, cabled intercoms! It’s a simple way to make older buildings look more modern, as GSM is a completely wireless, digital system. Retrofitting new technology also makes access control easier and more intuitive to operate for residents. Tenants can control access to their homes via their preferred digital device or landline – and they don’t even need to be at home, which is an added bonus for security.

2. Repairing vs replacing: which is best?  

Clearly, the security of tenants always comes first. And so, when old intercoms and coded keypads become faulty or obsolete, solving any access control issues quickly becomes a priority for housing professionals. But is it better to repair the damaged device – often a temporary, or costly fix – or install a brand-new one? It can be a big undertaking to recable entire apartment blocks and install new handsets into individual flats for repairs or new wired devices. But with the latest wireless access control technology installations is fast and doesn’t disturb tenants. It’s easy to see why many housing professionals are choosing to replace rather than continue to repair.

3. Cut down admin time

Access control technology in older buildings can be quite admin-intensive – retrofitting new technology can offer a more time-efficient solution. All Intratone’s wireless solutions are GSM-based andlinked to a secure remote online management system. For housing professionals, this means being able to oversee all access to the block from their own office or place of work, in real-time. They can carry out day-to-day administration tasks in just a few clicks, making instant changes to key fobs, flat numbers and tenant information. This can be a game-changer for streamlining workflows, as no site visit is needed.

Out with the old and in with the new

Retrofitting wireless GSM technology in older or existing buildings is about more than simply updating their looks. It’s an effective, fast and hassle-free way for housing professionals to future-proof their buildings’ access control for the long-term. And it doesn’t have to be costly, either.

Why not check out our range of GSM-based access control and property management systems to see for yourself?


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