The top 3 ways GSM can help you – whether you’re a housing professional, resident or installer

5 May 2021, 11:19 AM

By Intratone

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In case you missed it, our recent blog about GSM (‘Global System for Mobile Communications’) explored exactly what this technology is and how it is transforming the housing industry. But how exactly can the switch to GSM technology benefit everyone – from residents and housing managers, to installers? We’ve compiled the top three ways GSM-enabled devices can help you, whatever your role:  

Housing and property managers 

  1. Implementing SIM cards and GSM capabilities into property management systems has the potential to revolutionise current processes. No, we’re not exaggerating! Compared to traditional wired access devices, wireless GSM technology enables automatic updates which significantly cut both admin and maintenance time. 
  1. What’s more, as they allow for remote management too, the requirement for time-consuming site visits is considerably reduced. 
  1. GSM-enabled wireless devices can also be linked to an existing remote or off-site management system, allowing property professionals to complete even more processes remotely, in real-time. Make changes to residency access, add new users to the building network, or even upload a new digital noticeboard announcement – in seconds! Don’t underestimate the technology: GSM empowers housing professionals to manage multiple properties and numerous resident needs all from one location.  


  1. GSM-based devices make access control as easy and user-friendly as possible. Why? Because disturbances to residents and waiting times are minimised as housing and property managers can complete most admin tasks from the comfort of their office (or own home), in seconds. Plus, with wireless intercoms, for example, GSM means that tenants can control entry to their property no matter where they are in their home – or the world! – via their smartphone or tablet. Tenants like this feature as it can appear as if someone is always home. 
  1. Don’t forget improved accessibility – it can be stressful and inconvenient for those with restricted mobility to answer the door if they need to reach a traditional fixed handset on a wall. Instead of the one-size-fits-all solution of a built in, wired handset, with GSM-based wireless access control systems residents can use their own smartphone to answer the door, without leaving the sofa.  
  1. Video-enabled wireless intercoms also improve security for residents, as they can check who is at the door before letting them in, and braille or back-lit keypads and hearing loops allow enhanced usability for all visitors too.  


  1. GSM-enabled wireless devices allow installers to expand their product offering to include an innovative, digital-first solution, providing customers with the very latest in property management technology – a real selling point!  
  1. There is a common misconception that wireless systems are complex to install. On the contrary, they allow for easier, faster and safer installations because there’s no need for extensive recabling.  
  1. Wireless credentials ensure that system set-up is hassle-free too, with no need to disturb tenants and enter individual flats to install handsets or cables. Perfect for current social distancing measures and speedy installations.  

Everyone’s a winner 

GSM technology makes property management easy, intuitive and user-friendly for everyone. It reduces the time spent by housing professionals on-site and cuts down on administrative burden, while simultaneously boosting building security for residents, and convenience for installers.  

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