Key Safe Management Tips

22 April 2024, 1:43 PM

By Claire Deveau

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Recently, there has been a troubling increase in burglaries targeting individuals with key safes in their homes. These safes, whether exterior-mounted or within the building, are being breached forcefully and swiftly, leaving residents vulnerable.

Understanding the Need

The necessity for key safes arises primarily for individuals requiring regular caretaking services. Whether it’s for medical assistance or maintenance purposes, the need for efficient management of building keys becomes imperative to ensure timely access and security.

Innovative Solutions

  • Integrated Electronic Key Safes: Integrating electronic key safes into the intercom system offers swift and secure access, especially for caregivers. These safes, like the SC-02 intercom model, are embedded within the intercom panel, enhancing overall building security.
  • Electronic Key Cabinets: Versatile cabinets, such as those by Intratone, can accommodate any number of keys. Connected to an online management platform, they enable real-time tracking of key activities.

Optimising Key Safes for Building Security

  • Strategic Placement

Deciding on the placement of the key safe is crucial. While communal areas like garages or utility closets are ideal locations for accessibility, exterior wall placement should be avoided to mitigate unnecessary security risks.

  • Dual Functionality

Certain key safes come equipped with an in-built key proximity reader, allowing access only to authorized personnel. This dual functionality not only enhances convenience for tenants but also significantly reduces the risk of key loss or misplacement.

  • Remote Monitoring and Management

The Intratone management portal offers property managers easy remote monitoring of key safes. This feature allows for easy tracking of key access activities, ensuring heightened security and streamlined management.

If you’re looking for more tips on home safety, explore the Intratone range of key management products today.


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