How to Set Up an Intercom: Step-by-step Guide

22 March 2024, 7:26 AM

By Claire Deveau

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Home security measures are of the utmost importance to every resident within the properties you manage and part of your role is to ensure that safety and security for all tenants is delivered.

An intercom system is an effective security and communication device that achieves convenience and prevents unauthorised access into your tenant’s building. Let’s look at how an intercom is set up straightforwardly.

How to Set Up an Intercom

Before you set up your intercom device, it’s important to establish which type of intercom system you select. For convenience, we’d recommend you install wireless devices on the building exterior; these are quite simple to install and operate in their surface-mounted or flush-fit forms and are connected to the tenant’s remote device via the app.

Once you have the Intratone management portal, programming is easy thanks to the service on our portal that makes the process a breeze, including storage of the resident’s name with the flat number they live in and any approved entrees. If a tenant were to move out of the building, removal from the approved list is just as easy.

All the tenants need to do is download the My Intercom Intratone app and add their phone number to grant or deny access to visitors. They’ll receive a video or audio call when somebody is at their door. Advise them to test out the intercom themselves to check that it is working functionally. 

For property managers, the Intratone remote management portal is how you manage fobs, create codes, and monitor activity.

Remember to advise residents regarding how the device operates so there is as little confusion as possible and they can stay safe from the beginning. There is a Resident’s Memo you should issue to tenants when the technology has been introduced to them.

The Benefits of an Intercom System

The good news is that it only requires the Intratone app on a device and the intercom mounted to a tenant’s building wall. When a visitor presses the button to alert residents that they are at the front door, tenants can video call the person at the door to interact better with them, providing peace of mind with higher security. Even if a tenant doesn’t install the app on their phone, they can still conventionally use the intercom.

Many of our intercom systems have key fob readers built into them to not only notify residents of a visitor’s presence but to allow the residents themselves into the building easily.

As a property manager, you can keep an eye on who enters the building via the intercom at any given time with the recorded log for safety and security, making your role simpler. This Intratone management portal can make it much easier for you to administer personnel and keep track of ongoings in case something goes wrong.

The same is true for tenants too who can approve or deny access from the Intratone app, wherever they are, via video audio call so if somebody shows up when they are out, their entry can be granted or rejected remotely as long as the tenant has a signal.

Intratone has numerous Intercom systems available in different sizes and with unique functions. For the very best in home security, explore the range on offer today.


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