SC-02 / V4 scrolling intercom

SC-02 / V4 scrolling intercom

The SC-02 intercom makes the lives of housing managers and their tenants easier by harnessing state-of-the-art technology.

Vandal-resistant, accessible and user-friendly, the SC-02 intercom includes features such as an invisible camera and access to Intratone’s secure remote management system.

The SC-02 intercom makes the lives of both housing managers and tenants easier by utilising the very latest property access technology. As the technology is plug-and-play, with no software needed at all, housing professionals can save valuable time and money from both reduced installation and maintenance time.

With an integrated, invisible pinhole camera, the SC-02 intercom provides tenants with the reassurance they are safe and secure, while ensuring that managers can easily keep an eye on their properties. Plus, as no handsets are required and with an intuitive scrolling system, tenants can easily control property access from their own mobile device.

Long-lasting and durable, the SC-02 intercom is vandal-resistant and, with a flush-fit design, is protected against accidental damage. Plus, as it’s connected to our secure online management platform, managers can access features including a real-time overview of every key fob in the building, automatic alerts if a copied key fob is used, and the ability to modify or delete tenant key fobs quickly and easily. When paired with our one door relay card, this unit can manage up to 10,000 key fobs or transmitters.

With no wires, mechanical keys or maintenance required, the SC-02 intercom allows housing professionals to take back control of their property security, money, and their time.



Product specifications

Coded keypad
Stainless steel
Proximity reader
hands free
Max. number of key fobs
10,000 with relay card (12-0110)

Technical specifications

L 150mm, H 300mm; D 9mm


Intratone SC-02 Intercom with Key Safe Specification


Intratone SC-02 Intercom Specification


SC-02 Intercom Installation Guide

SC-02 Intercom Product Sheet

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