WFH? Why online remote property management is a game-changer for housing professionals

3 March 2022, 6:33 PM

By Claire Deveau

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The last couple of years have fundamentally changed the way we work. Before the pandemic, working from home (WFH) was usually by exception rather than as a rule. But during the lockdowns, an estimated 60% of UK employees worked from home.[1] Despite changing government guidelines, one-third of Britons are still doing so[2] – and it looks like this new hybrid way of working is here to stay.

So, is hybrid working a practical option for housing professionals? Visiting tenants on-site to fix problems and sort out admin tasks, like resident changeovers and helping external contractors gain entry to the building, are a big part of the job. As we look to regain a better work-life balance and streamline our workloads, online property management ticks all the boxes – and here’s how.   

A valuable time-saver

There’s a common myth that remote property management only includes features like video conferencing or cloud-based storage for tenants’ details, but Intratone’s systems goes far beyond this. In fact, it empowers housing professionals to cut down on time-consuming tasks that usually need to be done in person, by putting everything admin- and operations-related in one central, online place.

Intercoms like our new wireless SC-03, for example, connect to our secure remote management system and enable housing managers to have a real-time overview of building access from their office or home. Plus, they can make edits such as changing tenant details and programming new key fobs in just a few clicks, without leaving their desk.

Our digital portal has resident appeal too: online property management gives tenants peace of mind that every entry to the building is tracked. What’s more, by granting access to contractors remotely, work like building maintenance can be carried out faster and with less resident disturbance too.

Going above and beyond

More screentime for managers doesn’t have to mean communication with residents has to be impacted either. Remote property management can be a really effective way to strengthen tenant-property manager relationships – and this can all be done while working from home. With our remotely managed Interactive Digital Noticeboard, for example, you can quickly and easily display important announcements, like maintenance schedules and repair notices, to residents without needing to visit the site.

And if you want to ask tenants questions, it couldn’t be easier! The noticeboard has a unique survey function, where they can answer via the integrated scrolling buttons before voting anonymously using their key fobs. Post surveys, polls or notices in multiple buildings at a time – and in minutes, without leaving your desk.

The future of home working

Lockdown has accelerated the roll-out of flexible working but having the right technology in place is key to long-term success for housing professionals. Remote property management is a great option whether you’re working from home or the office, helping to save valuable time and money – while also boosting communication and engagement with residents.

Why not find out for yourself how a wireless access control device with online remote management technology can benefit a WFH or hybrid lifestyle? Get in touch to find out more.


[2] ONS, January 2022


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