RF Receiver, Individual Car Park Access


RF Receiver, Individual Car Park Access

Looking for an intuitive, hassle-free property access solution for an individual car park entrance or garage door? Intratone’s RF receiver for individual car park access ensures that your property remains safe and secure.

Compatible with our range of user-friendly key fobs, this RF receiver is also linked to our secure, online management system – ensuring that you can remotely manage access without the need for a site visit.

Created with tenants and property managers in mind, the RF receiver for individual car park access uses the very latest smart mobile technology, allowing you to quickly delete, modify or create new key fobs without the need to retrieve them first, or even for a site visit. Keep an eye on all key fobs on the system without leaving your office, so you can rest assured that your properties are in safe hands.

Practical and with a sleek, simple design, the RF receiver for individual car park access is also easy to both set up and use, saving you both time and money without the need for time-consuming installations or complicated product training.


Product specifications

Indoor fitting

Technical specifications

58mm x 74mm x 18mm
Power supply
12/24V 100 mA AC/DC
Operation environment
-20°C to +70°C
Storage environment
-20°C to +70°C


RF Receiver (Individual Car Park Access) Installation Guide

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