We spoke to Liam O’Sullivan, CEO and founder of GH Property Management, to find out more about the recent access control addition – and why he will be recommending it for other developments in the company’s portfolio over the coming years. At The Willows development in Aldershot, Hampshire, which consists of 106 private flats, houses and affordable homes, the previous wired buzzer-style intercoms needed urgently repairing or replacing, following years of vandalism and frequent ongoing maintenance visits. GH Property Management, which had recently redecorated their 48 flats, was looking to replace the old access control system with a more up-to-date intercom that would not only suit the new aesthetic but also make the day-to-day lives of tenants and housing professionals easier. The team opted for the robust, wireless SC-01 intercom that also connects to a secure online remote management system, to ensure the property’s access control would not only meet the needs of the buildings and residents, but also stand the test of time.

At just over ten years’ old, GH Property Management has around 150 diverse developments in its whole portfolio and a rapidly expanding team of 18 employees. Despite covering such a large roster of properties across the Hampshire region, GH Property Management views every residence uniquely to make sure individual tenants’ needs are met. So, when it came to the 48 flats at The Willows, the team already had a comprehensive understanding of what was required to replace and modernise access.
After the recent redecoration, it was clear that the previous intercoms looked out of place and were no longer in fitting with the new modern surroundings. Plus, the original intercoms had been a relatively low-cost option when the building was first constructed in the early 2000s, long before GH Property Management added the units to its portfolio. As the access system was almost 20 years old, it often failed to work, leaving tenants stuck outside and phoning the team for urgent assistance.
The old buzzer-style system had an ongoing maintenance contract, but GH Property Management found that it needed constant attention to keep it in working order – particularly as it was subjected to vandalism over the years. It also required plastic handsets in every flat, which meant tenants were often disturbed when the system needed maintenance. To the team, it was clear that they needed to find a more robust, reliable and aesthetically pleasing option.


The GH Property Management team was first introduced to Intratone and its wide range of wireless solutions at an event for ARMA (The Association of Residential Managing Agents) members – and were impressed with the simplicity and ease-of-use of its access control and door entry systems. After consultations with the residents’ management company, the SC-01 intercom was chosen to complete their refurbishment project and a device was installed on each of the 7 property blocks, with secure fob access control included too.
The installation, which took place in November 2020, was easy and hassle-free; the team was keen to keep construction disruption to a minimum and the GSM-based wireless technology meant that there was no cabling or holes made in the plasterboard.
The new system connects to a secure online remote management portal, which is already proving more efficient for both tenants and the GH Property Management team.

Enhancing security and efficiency with the SC-01

Robust and reliable, the wireless SC-01 is a smart intercom to help housing professionals boost security – without compromising looks.
Ideal for use in renovations, the SC-01 is the size of a traditional keypad but with many more features including a camera, name scroll functionality and an integrated proximity reader.
It’s easy to fit and manage remotely, while providing peace of mind that access is secure. When paired with one door relay card, this intercom can manage up to 10,000 key fobs or transmitters, making it well suited to large, multi-dwelling properties.
Plus, as it’s available in three different colours and can be integrated anywhere, it helps set your residence apart from others.