At the exclusive Galleons Point Thames-side housing development in Docklands, East London, Galleons Point Management were tasked with bringing the access control technology up to date and in line with the demands of modern multi-resident living. The team made the switch to a wireless intercom system at 22 different apartment blocks across the complex, helping to transform access management for hundreds of residents at the busy site.

With a vast portfolio of 712 high-rise and low-rise apartments, freehold houses and live-work units in a vibrant district of London, Galleons Point Management is committed to providing
an excellent tenant-first approach across its extensive grounds.
But with so many residents coming and going regularly due to the volume of tenancies, the previous fob-based, wired intercom system was creating a significant administrative burden. Fobs would frequently go missing and, without a centralised database, there was no way of keeping track of them or having back-ups. For 22 blocks in particular, the access control system was 12 years old and needed urgently updating – or replacing.
The challenge, however, was the time it would take to update 22 intercom systems, as well as the labour-intensive re-cabling process within the buildings. Installing new handsets in 427 individual apartments would also be made more difficult by the COVID-19 restrictions in place at the time: how could this be done quickly and efficiently while keeping a safe distance? It
was down to Galleons Point Residents’ Association to make the ultimate decision – and as flat-owners themselves, they were fully invested in choosing a solution that would improve security and be easy to use, too.


Looking for a more streamlined and reliable access system, the Galleons Point Management team was introduced to Intratone as a potential solutions provider. Following detailed demonstrations, the Residents’ Association chose the wireless SC-02 intercom with an integrated, invisible video camera and easy property access control from mobile devices.
With installations starting in November 2020, Intratone’s GSM-based intercom technology has been fitted in the 22 apartment blocks across Galleons Point. The online portal, which allows the management team to see a real-time overview of fob usage and property access anywhere, at any time, proven to be crucial during COVID-19 lockdowns when travel was restricted. It also means that the process of diagnosing faults and tracking fobs is easier, with reduced time spent on administration.
And from the tenants’ point of view, security is enhanced through the invisible cameras in every intercom panel, enabling visitors to be seen first and even packages to be delivered even more securely – with property access granted simply via their mobile phone.

Plus, residents can be safe in the knowledge that any contractors entering the building are tracked using the central online system, in addition to the site’s 24-hour security already in place.
For Galleons Point Management, the new system has saved valuable time and will make managing multiple private dwellings much easier for the longer-term too.

In safe hands with Intratone’s SC-02 intercom

Harnessing the latest property access technology, the wireless SC-02 intercom
is designed to make the lives of both housing managers and tenants easier and more efficient.

Thanks to innovative plug-and-play technology, no software is needed, saving housing professionals valuable time and money from reduced installation
and maintenance time. The SC-02 intercom, like all Intratone devices, also connects to our secure online remote management platform, providing a real-time overview of every key fob in the building and enabling managers to make modifications quickly and easily. Long-lasting and durable, you can also be safe in the knowledge that it’s vandal-resistant, too.
For tenants, they have the peace of mind that the building is safe and secure, through the addition of an integrated, invisible pinhole camera. Plus, with no individual handsets, tenants have full control of property access from their smartphone or landline.


“The installation process was great – it was 100 times easier than upgrading the old wired systems! We didn’t have to run cables up 12 floors and importantly, there was no need for engineers to access apartments to install new handsets, which would have
been disruptive and time-consuming at a time when many residents were working from home.”

Ray O’Shaughnessy – Property Manager at the site