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Finding the ‘key’ to better access control with Your Housing Group

14 May 2021, 9:47 AM

By Intratone

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Always losing your keys? It happens to the best of us, but for housing and property managers, the reality of keeping track of multiple keys can be time-consuming and costly, yet it’s a crucial part of ensuring tenants are safe and well-protected. That’s why Your Housing Group chose to install our key management technology across several of its apartment blocks in the North West – to help improve its access control – and with great success too. 

Overcoming common challenges 

Your Housing Group manages a broad range of properties, including affordable housing and private rentals, across the UK. But when it came to key management, having a physical set of keys and a standard register wasn’t working for them. It took time to log and track both keys and real-time property access, meaning frequent site visits and more admin – plus, controlling who had access to each building was nearly impossible. The team upgraded several properties to fob entry to help improve the process but, without a universal online management system, it was still an issue.  

The solution? Intratone proximity readers were installed in the entrances of 34 apartment blocks in Liverpool and Manchester, connecting facility managers to a secure remote online management system for a real-time overview of key usage. It’s made a huge difference for residents too; they can quickly gain entry to their apartments by tapping a connected key fob against the proximity reader. It couldn’t be easier! 

A real transformation 

Don’t just take our word for it, let’s hear from Your Housing Group:  

“The new system helps residents’ security, as well as saving valuable time for our team. If a user loses their fob, the operator can immediately establish its identity, disable it for future use and activate a new fob. Every time a fob is used, the data is sent back to the remote management platform, giving operators an overview of that particular gate or secured door’s activity. Any unusual activity is therefore easily identified and monitored.” 

Trevor Hill, Senior Compliance Manager, Your Housing Group

But what about when other people visit the buildings, like contractors? No longer do housing and facilities managers need to visit sites each time to let them in – the new Intratone system grants access remotely. By simply logging onto the online management platform, authorised users can add a temporary code on the system for any entry panel, so service providers can gain access to a building within a specified time limit. All without using a key! 

Interested in learning more about our products, and how they’re improving property management for housing providers across the UK? Read the latest issue of The MAG today.  


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