What role can housing play in our wellbeing? Hint: it’s key!

13 October 2021, 11:15 AM

By Melissa Lloyd Williams

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We have all become much more familiar with our homes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the country under lockdown, our homes have become more than just a living space; they have been workplaces, schools and even gyms over the past 18 months. In turn, the impact of housing on our wellbeing – especially our mental health – has been under increased scrutiny.

As we enter the ‘new normal’, ensuring residents’ wellbeing has never been more important. So, how can housing professionals rise to the challenge and put this at the top of their agenda?

Putting accessibility first

Ensuring tenants’ wellbeing means getting back to basics. How accessible are your buildings – are they easy to enter and control access to? If you’re not sure, there are probably ways to improve the building entry experience for tenants of varying needs to ensure inclusivity. According to figures 91% of all UK homes do not provide even the lowest level of accessibility [Independent Living, Nov 2020.], a home that is ‘visitable’ for older and disabled people, which means urgent action is needed from the housing industry. People are also living longer lives, so supporting a growing elderly population with accessibility features will only become more of a priority for housing professionals.

Having the right tools in place is not only essential for the visual and hearing impaired, it can benefit everyone! Improved accessibility creates more independence and better social integration, which of course, leads to better health and wellbeing overall. From audio induction loops to direct dialling, the latest access control systems are set up to make door entry easier and safer for visitors and tenants alike. At Intratone we’re passionate about improving accessibility and championing inclusivity, which is why all our intercoms are also GSM-powered and wireless. This means less mobile residents can answer the door using their preferred device – from anywhere!

Connecting communities

Research on the link between housing and wellbeing dates back much further than COVID-19, but the pandemic has made the need for improved resident support more urgent. Championing connection and unity both between tenants and with housing managers is a great way of bolstering mental resilience and wellbeing. During the past year the kindness of people has been highlighted, with neighbours reaching out to offer help and support with food shopping for those in isolation, or even just a friendly face. It’s important to carry on this sense of community, and even encourage it. Technologies, such as Interactive Digital Noticeboards are one way housing professionals can achieve just this.

With Intratone’s Interactive Digital Noticeboard, housing and property managers can display important information and polls in communal areas via a secure online remote management system. It replaces traditional paper-based notices, which can be lost or taken down easily, and helps housing professionals communicate with residents quickly and easily while also offering the opportunity to give their feedback. With our ‘new’ normal lives resuming, having a central point where tenants can access information and connect will be crucial for improving wellbeing and fostering that all-important sense of inclusivity.

Better housing for all

Community and inclusivity are more than just buzzwords, they can make all the difference to an individual’s health. Now is the time to prioritise residents’ wellbeing – and we can help.

Discover how our Interactive Digital Noticeboard and range of wireless access control systems can play an important role in tenants’ wellbeing by getting in touch with the Intratone team today!


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