What is a Digital Notice board? (Benefits, types & more)

6 March 2024, 10:38 AM

By Claire Deveau

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Finding all the important information that pertains to what’s going on with the building you live in can sometimes be a tiresome experience, for the tenant and property manager alike.

That’s what makes a Digital Notice Board such an attractive product to introduce into a communal space. Let’s look at what makes a Digital Notice Board worthwhile and how they work.

What is a Digital Notice Board?

A Digital Notice Board is a contemporary way of communicating with residents via installing an interactive display in communal spaces, like a shared hallway, meaning vital messages can be shown on screen throughout the day for all residents to see.

These flat-screen products have touchscreen capability and grab the attention of passers-by to make sure they are completely informed about ongoings at the property.

The voting system on display can only be answered if a tenant possesses a key fob to make sure that non-residents won’t have a say in crucial matters affecting tenants, but the votes registered can remain anonymous.

The product is built with a safety glass mechanism for durability and as an anti-vandalism measure. This, along with its wireless design, means they are easy to install and maintain, as you can see from the full product description.

The Benefits of a Digital Notice Board

Previously, if a tenant ever needed to find out information about maintenance work, they would need to contact you, the property manager, directly to discuss the upgrades being made or they’d wait for you to get in touch with them via post, email, or phone call.

Or they would need to examine an old-fashioned notice board which might not have been updated for a long time and could be cluttered, making it hard to find anything. Plus these older notice boards would have to be updated in person by you, the property manager frequently.

This is no longer the case, however, thanks to the Digital Notice Boards on offer from Intratone. Better still, the same message can be uploaded to Digital Notice Boards in different buildings, like public health messages or weather warnings, for your convenience.

This takes the hassle out of sending out personalised messages to each household or making individual phone calls. From the comfort of your remote position, you can type up your message so it can instantly update the tenants on upcoming changes.

Votes can be generated on the Digital Notice Board too thanks to their interactive design and cloud-based system. Simply ask your question via the Intratone portal on your device, input the optional answers, and gather the results to see what residents would like to see implemented in their building. Votes can be made from wherever the tenant is either as long as they have access to the Intratone portal.

We know how busy your job as a property manager is and how many residences you might have responsibility over. For this reason, the Digital Notice Board is even more appealing to reduce the number of times you’ll require visits to buildings.

If you want to update the technology within the buildings you manage and are interested in learning more about Digital Notice Boards, explore the Intratone website today.


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