Upgrading your access system? Discover 3 types of wireless intercom (and the buildings they’re best suited to!)

22 July 2021, 8:27 AM

By Melissa Lloyd Williams

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So, you’ve decided you need a new intercom system? Whether it’s to enhance building security, boost user-friendliness for tenants or improve efficiencies for your team, implementing a new access control system can be a game-changer. However, with many types of intercom available, how do you know what’s best for your building?  

The type of wireless intercom you choose primarily depends on your building size and tenant requirements – for example direct dial, push button, or scrolling. Read on to discover the benefits of each type, and plan your next step in revolutionising your building access… 

1. Prefer to scroll? 

Perfect for smaller blocks and those with a relatively low number of apartments, scrolling wireless intercoms are an easy-to-use option for any housing professional. With these devices, visitors are able to quickly scroll through a building directory using the ‘<’ and ‘>’ arrow keys on the panel, to find who they are looking for and then press the call button to request entry from the resident.  

At Intratone, we have two scrolling wireless intercoms – the SC-01 and SC-02. Perfect for retrofit installations as they are around the size of a coded keypad, these two systems also benefit from integrated pinhole cameras. This means that residents have access to a video feed that shares an image directly to their smartphone or tablet. A great choice for managers who want additional security for their buildings, plus tenants also have the reassurance of checking who’s at their door before letting them in. 

2. Easy direct dialling 

Want an even simpler user interface? Then direct dial intercoms are for you. The ideal option for buildings which require more accessible options and enhanced user-friendliness, direct dial wireless intercoms just require a visitor to dial the flat number and ring directly with the call button. No hassle – just a streamlined user experience, perfect for larger blocks. 

Our direct dial intercoms – the DD-01 and DD-02 – are specially designed with key accessibility features such as braille backlit keypads (with high contrast rings) for the partially sighted and audio induction loops. Plus, as with all our intercoms, they are wireless and therefore don’t require clunky plastic handsets to be installed in individual apartments. Residents can grant building access from their smartphone or landline – a perfect choice for those with restricted mobility. 

3. Push the button… 

Finally, if you’re looking for a more personalised approach, look no further than the push-button intercom. Allowing visitors to dial a flat directly by choosing the specific button for that apartment, residents can also choose whether to show either their name or only their flat number on the panel display.  

At Intratone, our wireless push button intercom offering includes two devices: the flush-fit PB-01 and the surface-mounted PB-02, which allow for up to 56 and 24 call buttons respectively. Highly customisable in increments of four buttons, our push button intercoms are the perfect sleek addition to any building where a more ‘personal touch’ is necessary. And, like our SC and direct dial intercoms, these systems also benefit from integrated video technology too.

Made your mind up? 

Whether you prefer a scrolling, direct dial or push button intercom, each system comes with its own host of benefits and unique features. Plus, like all of our wireless systems, they’re connected to our online remote management system, so housing professionals can have an overview of building access in real-time – and also complete daily administration tasks like editing key fobs without leaving their desk! 

To learn more about which system is right for your building, speak to a member of the Intratone team today about your requirements!  


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