Three things you didn’t know about Intratone’s programming service

10 August 2021, 11:55 AM

By Melissa Lloyd Williams

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Behind the scenes at Intratone HQ, there is a programming service team hard at work making sure our wireless intercoms and property management systems meet the right requirements and arrive on site ready to go. It’s one of Intratone’s defining features: our equipment is plug and play, so housing professionals and installers can spend less time on admin and set up. But how do our systems get to that point? Here, we share three things you (probably) didn’t know about Intratone’s free programming service:

1. We customise intercoms

Every housing professional has different access control requirements, which is why our programming team offers a special ‘turnkey’ service for intercoms. Do you need a specific number of buttons? No problem. Would you prefer a different type of finish? We’ll sort it. Our wireless access control systems are fully configured to suit any property, and it all starts with Intratone’s programming service. For every device, resident and site data is submitted by housing managers and then securely programmed. Key fobs are assigned by the team, and the remote online management system updated – for hassle-free installation and set up on-site.

2. We have a ‘zero-error’ guarantee

When it comes to inputting data into our online remote management system, there’s no room for mistakes – the programming team is highly skilled with precise procedures. In fact, we have a ‘zero-error’ guarantee, to make the lives of housing managers and installers easier when their access control system reaches them. How do we achieve this level of accuracy? Control points are set up at every step of the way, to make sure the online database matches the equipment, and nothing is missed. This way, any changes needed can be made in the programming stage, rather than later down the line.

3. We do more than just programming

Just to keep you on your toes, Intratone’s programming team isn’t only about programming – despite the department name. Shipping and commissioning are also important parts of the job, to ensure all access control systems arrive at properties across the country to the highest quality standards. After all, having an intercom that is expertly programmed is no good unless it is tested and delivered to housing managers’ specific requirements. What’s more, this service also includes system start-up assistance – through a collaboration with the sales division, the team ensures everything is working perfectly beyond simple set up.

The not-so secret service

Our complimentary programming service is a hidden gem – thanks to the team’s hard work, housing managers have peace of mind that their access control systems will arrive up-and-running and with our seal of approval.

Now that the secret’s out, look out for issue 2 of The MAG for more details on our programming service, with everything you need to know, including a quickfire Q&A with the head of the team herself.

Or, if you’re interested in hearing more, contact us today.


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