Talking door entry GSM technology with JDS Fire & Security

6 December 2021, 1:05 PM

By Intratone

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Digital access control solutions help housing professionals cut down on time-intensive administration tasks and make the user experience more seamless and accessible. For example, wireless systems powered by GSM (the Global System for Mobile Communications) has become a game-changer for building access and property management in recent years.

But what does this mean in practice for installers? We sat down with John Shanahan, Managing Director of JDS Fire & Security, one of our installer partners, for a view from inside the industry. He shared his thoughts on using GSM technology, overcoming adoption challenges and his predictions for the future of digital-first door entry systems.

Introducing JDS Fire & Security

Based in Cardiff, JDS Fire & Security installs, commissions and services a range of fire and security devices across the region – working across buildings and apartment blocks of various sizes. Access control systems play a crucial part in the organisation’s remit, for both public and private customers.

According to John, one of the biggest trends in this area has been GSM. As a wireless and digital system, GSM makes plastic handsets and traditional wired intercoms obsolete, and instead allows door entry devices to connect users across a mobile network.

Although the trend has been emerging for years, installers have been seeing the use of GSM-based devices increase more recently. Additionally, JDS Fire & Security’s portfolio has expanded over the last three years to include more of these access control systems – with both residents and housing professionals benefitting from more streamlined and intuitive property management.

Winning over tenants

Feedback from residents on newly installed GSM-based wireless access control systems has been positive – even among those with more limited technological experience. John says: “When we explain that as there are less components used with a GSM-based system, there is no need to enter individual flats to install it as well as fewer breakdowns, they are more open to the idea of switching to a wireless system. The team also carries out quick product demonstrations to help ease any tenant worries regarding the technology.”

With GSM-powered intercoms, such as Intratone wireless devices, tenants can use an app to grant access to their property on their preferred digital device – rather than through traditional handsets. For many older residents who do not own a mobile, they can set it up on a landline instead, allowing them to bypass the app to approve the entry of visitors. 

Quick, easy installation

JDS Fire & Security found our intercoms particularly easy to work with and set up too; the intercoms’ aerial, for instance, can be installed wherever required. Plus, if there are any signal issues, the intercom can be placed up to 30m away from the aerial – while the plug-and-play technology ensures simple and quick set-up. With no need to enter individual flats to install handsets, the team has found installations a lot easier – especially during the pandemic.

The online remote management portal also has huge advantages. John says: “It’s saved the team valuable time already, as we can go online to investigate any problems now, rather than visiting the site in-person all the time. As we take on more and more projects this will be even more important!”

A positive outlook

As installers lead the way in adopting this innovative technology, housing and property managers as well as tenants, will see for themselves the exciting benefits that GSM-powered door entry devices have to offer.

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