Four things to avoid when choosing your intercom system – and why!

5 August 2021, 10:55 AM

By Melissa Lloyd Williams

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Intercoms come in lots of different shapes and sizes, but with so much choice on the market, how do you know where to start? Every property is, of course, very different, but there are several things that are helpful to consider before making a final decision. As well as figuring out the most important access criteria for your residence, what should you avoid when choosing an intercom system?

We’ve got you covered! Read on to discover our top four factors to steer clear of when selecting your intercom system…

1. Wires/cables

Avoiding intercoms with wires or cables can be hugely beneficial to housing professionals, but why? Firstly, it will speed up your installations, as there’s no need to run metres of cabling up and down buildings, which is very time-consuming, disruptive and costly. Secondly, with minimal or even no wiring, for example with the latest wireless GSM-based systems, installers don’t need to disturb residents by going into individual residences to fit plastic handsets. As you can imagine, this can drastically reduce maintenance time and costs going forward too – plus, less cabling and handsets is definitely a greener option for everyone!

2. Manual management

With everyone leading busier lives and the pressure rising for property professionals to cut costs, manual management is often not the most efficient option. Instead, online remote management ticks all the boxes for housing professionals who are constantly on the go, helping to streamline everyday administration tasks. By selecting an intercom that’s connected to a remote management system, you can instantly make changes to key fobs, flat numbers and tenant information without even needing to visit the building! This means valuable time and money can be saved by reducing the number of site visits.

3. One-size-fits-all

Not every intercom is created equal. Some will meet your needs better than others – it all depends on the building and residents in question. Forget about a choosing a generic, off-the-shelf access control solution – what are your specific requirements and priorities? Some residences, for example, might need a higher level of accessibility, so choosing a system that has direct dialling, an audio induction loop or backlit, braille keypad may fit the bill. Or perhaps your residents would benefit from the addition of a pinhole camera, to identify visitors before they let them in and giving them the extra peace of mind that their building is safe and secure? Opting for a more specialised system helps ensure everyone’s needs are being met.

4. Planning for the short term

Don’t just plan for the here and now, make sure you look ahead to try and anticipate your residents’ future needs. Trust us: forward planning will benefit you both. Futureproofing is more than just a buzz word; it can mean a difference to your balance sheet and save you valuable time. Using GSM, for instance, instead of radio frequency technology, means the range between the device and the handset is unlimited – opening up the opportunity for residents to control door entry via their preferred devices – mobile or otherwise – instead of being tethered to a handset by their door. Simultaneously, it gives you the freedom to grant access for contractors remotely too. As the digital revolution isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, your future self will thank you for choosing a technology-driven solution.

All sorted?

Take the time to look at different intercom options to see how they could suit your requirements – both now and in the future. At Intratone, we have an access control system for every building, regardless of the number of entrances or your residents’ specific requirements – and what’s more, all our GSM-based, wireless intercoms connect to our secure online remote management system, which is a game-changer for day-to-day tasks.

Happy intercom shopping! If you need more help choosing an access control system that’s right for your residence, contact the Intratone team today.


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